Sean Koch, originally playing as a trio but now a  4 piece band of close friends hailing from Cape Town, South Africa have been creating infectious music since January 2016 releasing there first 5 track EP ‘Natural Projection’ shortly after. Since then they have completed three European tours and joined up with there now German family, Budde Publishing, based in Berlin. They are quickly growing there following abroad and are soon to be releasing their first full length debut album to tour in the European Summer of 2018!  With there rootsy acoustic sound they also fuse electronic pieces in the most convenient places while not losing the singer-songwriter style of music.  

There show caters for all, from the  person at the back wanting to listen to the strong messages they trying to convey of unity, being present and gratitude for everything and everyone around us, or from the people in the front row jumping around to what can be very sing along kind of songs being ‘Good Times Keep Rolling’ and ‘Flow’ there two upbeat summer anthems off there EP. 

For Sean Koch  life is about "..keeping things simple and staying positive" which reflects in their rootsy organic afro sound.